Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Title plsss!


Blh i speaking sikittt? ;p

I just wanna share something. and here we go....

When we were young, we did a lot of mistake which we cant be blame as i mentioned, we were still young. how about when we grown up? We still make loads of mistakes. am i right? My dad and my mom used to scold me, THINK BEFORE U DO AND DONT REGRET WHAT U HAVE DONE AS U ARE GOING TO BEAR FOR THE CONSEQUENCES. yes, it is! I've screwed up my own life before, ruined my future before (kejam kot ayat aku. haha), i've did thousands of stupid mistake which made my parents gone insane to speechless (pa ku sa parents ku cool jak oh? haha).

I used to be a very obedient child to my parents when i was young, in another word, a very good daughter. hehe.*puji drk ok! what they commands i just follow. till now i still trying to be a great daughter ever. oh mom and dad, i will proved it (dr dlok jak mdh gtok, p nk, cam xpnh jak nak prove pa2, gk juak cmya nak. mlskuuu, haha). so people, think before u do something as there's no point regretting after doing something and in life, there's no turning back. remember that. i learn a lot from my mistakes, a lot of things change now. i've change for better. life is not that easy. LIVE UR LIFE TO THE FULLEST. dont let others destroyed ur life. be proud of urself. being the real u and dont ever u pretending to be others. i love my parents and thank u so much for everything. i know, im still stubborn till now but im still a good girl.*ececece, bajet asyik puji diri sendiri. haha.

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